My Private Specialists Wants the GP to Prescribe Special Medications

There are certain drugs of a more specialist nature, or which require additional monitoring. For these medicines to be prescribed safely, and without any ambiguity of responsibilities in Primary care, a shared-care guideline is needed

Usually, if GP’s are asked to prescribe ‘shared-care’ drugs from private providers, the GP would normally decline and give the patient the choice of being referred on the NHS for on- going care. It is acknowledged however, that there are significantly long waiting lists for patients to be seen under the NHS, a problem that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. More and more patients are expected to seek medical treatment privately as a result. Therefore, the decision to prescribe will be at the GP’s discretion.

Please ask your consultant to complete and sign this agreement. Please also read and sign it yourself (or as a responsible adult where appropriate)

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