Appointments, Extended Hours & When We Area Closed

You can choose from ONLINE, TELEPHONE & FACE-2-FACE appointments

Through the Global Coronavirus Pandemic and changes to national guidance the way in which you access primary care evolved. We are now trying to deliver the best variety of appointments as we all try and move on.  Our Care Navigators will help you book the right appointment with the right heath-care-professional.

Additional Appointments Evenings and Weekends / Bank Holidays

You can also book direct online at our HUB with a Physio, Nurse, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, GP or other clinician of your choice:

Book a Hub Appointment

Out of hours – When we are closed:

  • Please call 02037701888 to access our local GP Extended Hours Service appointments:
  • Booking lines are open 2pm-9pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm Weekends
    Appointments are available Monday to Friday and Weekends.
  • You can also call 111 to access our local Out of Hours GP led team via NHS 111

What to Expect From Your Consultation: We are Here to Help

  • Our clinicians may need to ask you personal or uncomfortable questions during your consultation. Sometimes our professionals will need to question and probe to find the root cause of problems. Sometimes the questions and diagnosis may not be what you were expecting.
  • We mean no offence by these questions. We want to reassure you we only ask them to find the best way to provide the help you most need. If you are upset by a question please ask the professional why they have asked it so we can explain.
  • It is very unlikely that we will be able to deal with multiple problems, satisfactorily and without rushing, in a single 10 minute consultation including preparation and documentation.
  • Please prioritise your concerns and be realistic in how much can be discussed.

Our Access and Appointment Data:

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Contact our doctors online

Fill out a simple online form to get advice and treatment – We aim to respond within 2 working days, please bear with us if it takes a little longer. Please ignore the automated email response.