Children’s Blood Tests

The Hospital SwiftQueue, online booking service, can be accessed via computer, phone or tablet and provides you with the flexibility to book the most convenient appointment in your own time, rather than waiting to get through to a member of staff during office hours.

SwiftQueue also allows you to cancel or reschedule appointments at the click of a button.

When booking an appointment, you can either create a separate SwiftQueue account for your child or if you have one already, just add your child onto the account and book the blood test.

However, if you cannot access our online booking system then please do not worry. You can continue to call our Paediatric Outpatients team on 01708 435 289 to arrange a blood test for your child.

If you have a child under the age of 16 with a learning disability, please book an appointment over the phone by calling 01708 435 289.

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