Repeat Prescriptions

The Team at WLMC Commit to:

  1. Process repeat prescription requests within 5 working days of the request (and strive for 2 working days where possible)

As a Patient of WLMC we ask you to Commit to:

  1. Give us 5 working days notice when requesting your repeat prescriptions where reasonably possible. 
  2. Attend for any necessary monitoring of your medications including blood tests, blood pressures, chronic disease reviews; so we can be sure your medications remain safe and appropriate.  Otherwise WLMC may not be able to issue your medications.
  3. Understand that Warfarin and some other medications including hospital initiated ones need up to date monitoring test results before we can safely issue the prescriptions.
  4. Only request on repeat medications which are on your repeat medication list
  5. Take your medications regularly or as prescribed
  6. Let us know if you think you no longer need a repeat prescription

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