Online Access to you Records: A Government / NEL NHS Decision

As instructed by the North East London Chief Medical Officer, rather than automatically, access to your records can be applied for through our team and we will review and enable access. Our priority is your safety and providing optimal medical care so please bear with us regards timescale.

The NHS wants to give people better ways to see their personal health information online. We know that people want to be able to access their health records. It can help you see test results faster. It also lets you read and review notes from your appointments in your own time.

If you are over 16 and have an online account, such as through the NHS AppNHS website, or another online primary care service, you may then be able to see all future notes and health records from your doctor (GP). Some people can already access this feature, this won’t change for you.

This means that you will be able to see notes from your appointments, as well as test results and any letters that are saved on your records. This only applies to records from your doctor (GP), not from hospitals or other specialists. You will only be able to see information from 31/10/22.

These changes only apply to people with online accounts. If you do not want an online account, you can still access your health records by requesting this information through reception. The changes also only apply to personal information about you. 

The NHS App, website and other online services are all very secure, so no one is able to access your information except you.

Please note your responsibilities.  If you are concerned about these please be very strongly consider if setting up online access to your records is right for you:

  1. You’ll need to make sure you protect your login details. Don’t share your password with anyone as they will then have access to your personal information. We cannot be responsible for someone else accessing your records with your log in details. 
  2. If you find information in your record which is regarding someone else, eg a letter or test result which has been accidentally saved in your record, you must not share this information and you must report it to the practice immediately so we can correct this.
  3. By looking at your records online be aware that you may see test results or information which you find alarming.  You may see these before a clinician has had the opportunity to discuss the results or information with you.  It may be that the clinician you need to discuss the information or results with is a hospital specialist rather than a clinician from the practice.

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