POLITE Notice to Patients

NHS staff at GP surgeries are facing unprecedented abuse and aggression from patients.  A recent poll by the body representing GP surgery staff across the UK found that 75% of them face abuse every day, including assaults, threats, racism and sexism. Comments in the national press include “Perhaps most distressing of all is a real surge in the number of patients who feel it is appropriate to shout at, swear at and insult not just our non-clinical staff but clinical staff as well. We have one member of staff reduced to tears every single day.” https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/may/28/staff-at-uk-gp-surgeries-facing-abuse-and-tsunami-of-demand?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

Regrettably experiences at WLMC are in keeping with the national trend and this video from the Institute of General practice management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAM3fSDq9kA. It is not reasonable to expect our team to suffer this day to day.  Our whole team has continued, and still continues, to do the best they can to help all our patients through and despite the great challenges the country, world and NHS is and has been going through.  

We understand that waiting times have been longer than normal for responses and appointments.  This is due to: 

  1. national and local unprecedented increased demand for general practice services
  2. the backlog and access problems in hospitals
  3. the volume of calls we have been receiving regards the covid-vaccine & staff we have had to second to the vaccine programme 

We are doing the best we can.  Our doors have always been open and we have continued to provide services for all our patients in line with the guidance. We have now completed our covid-vaccination campaign; which has received national accolade. Disruption to NHS care, unprecedented demand and access problems are not the fault of our staff and they are only doing what they can to help you.

The GP Partners and Management would like to advise patients of the surgery that under no circumstances will any kind of verbal abuse, raising of voices, derogatory comments, or any kind of threatening behaviour be tolerated towards any member of staff.

Any patient who continues to be abusive, threatening or generally unpleasant towards our staff – who are trying to help you under extremely challenging circumstances – will be spoken to by the management with a view to taking further action which may result in removal from our patient list.

The GP Partners

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